Our professional team will assist you in providing a comprehensive
Scope of your Hydroponic Project

*Where will the grow systems be located?
In a new Greenhouse or Repurposed Building?

*How many SF are available to install the system?

*What crops will you be growing?

*What are your expected monthly yields? 

*Will you be supplying wholesalers/resellers, food servers or end-user consumers?

*What is the radius of your proposed market? 

*Have you negotiated Off-Take Agreements with your customers? 

*Do you require Off-Grid Clean Water for cultivation?
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*Seeking Off-Grid Primary GreenTech Solar Power?
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*Deliver Organic, Fresh, Healthy and Tasty Produce directly at the Point of Use
*Reduce Transportation Costs
*Eliminate Spoilage
*Optimize Water Usage

Sample Configurations:



Bell Peppers   


Workspace Vertical Hydroponic Systems
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